Empowering underserved youth through access to technology.

Our Mission & Objectives

FixNGive is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation impassioned by the lack of technological resources available to future generations. Learn more about the mission and future objectives of our organization.

Impactful Projects

Explore some of FixNGive's past, present, and future contributions, including data-driven technology drives, symposiums, and fundraising events.

Collaborative Partnerships

FixNGive is dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial relationships between local schools and communities - find out more.

Meet the Team

Meet the faces responsible for operating and managing FixNGive, from our founder to our current leadership.

What We Do

FixNGive restores donated technology and repurposes it for academic uses, providing under resourced communities with the means to enhance their education. Read more about this multi-faceted process below.

Program For Success

The computers and mobile devices we donate come pre-installed with the world's most popular operating systems and essential software, equipping our recipients with the tools to succeed.

Protect Your Privacy

Our data-wiping process complies with the United States Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines for media sanitation, ensuring that your personal information remains exactly like it should be - personal.

Repair & Refurbish

FixNGive certifies that all the machines we provide are proficient in both operational use and appearance, breathing life back into each donation.

Deliver & Impact Directly

FixNGive provides donors with the satisfaction of knowing that with each contribution, they're directly impacting the lives of our future.

Nurture Community Partnerships

We always embrace the privilege of working with other organizations and companies to maximize how we can give back.

Enable Invaluable Resources

It's no secret that technology offers unparalleled opportunities in today's ever-expanding field of education and vocation. Even though the technology we provide may be material, the boundless advantages that ensue are truly invaluable.

Upcoming Events

Impact & Testimonials


Computers Donated


Dollars Raised


Peripherals Collected

John Cranley, Mayor of Cincinnati

It is crucial for people to realize the common links of humanity and reach out to those who may be in need. Your efforts through FixNGive to refurbish technologies and selflessly then donate them to students and teachers in need are an inspiration for us all.

Beth Perrmann, Goshen Schools Special Education Teacher

I work with second grade students, which means they will leave me to go to third grade to have complete online state testing. It made me very sad to think that the lowest students in the grade would not be receiving the complete support they needed to be successful next year. FixNGive supplied me with laptops to help me toward my goal.

Dr. Mark Miles, Indian Hill District Superintendent of Schools

It's critical for our student's success that they have access to current technology, as well as the knowledge to use technological options...I applaud Milan Bhandari's vision for his non-profit, FixNGive, an organization dedicated to helping all students have access to the technology they need to compete.


Please consider making a donation (monetary or technological) to help us in our mission of bettering education for all. Donations may be tax-deductible, and we'll provide you a personalized tax-acknowledgement letter upon receipt of the donation. We greatly appreciate your help!

Points to consider

  • As FixNGive qualifies as a 501(c)(3) organization, any contributions made may be tax-deductible. Up to 50% of each contribution (60% for monetary donations) may be deducted from your income tax.
  • We accept all technology, from laptops and desktops to phones, tablets, and cables. Any contribution is appreciated.
  • Please make sure that the devices you donate are not password protected, or please include the password when donating the item.
  • Each device we receive is completely wiped and reset - FixNGive will not be able to recover any lost files or data.
  • Monetary contributions are just as cherished as technological donations; they will go towards, among other things, purchasing technology to donate, advertising campaigns, and the general sustenance of our organization.

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