Collaborative Partnerships

One of the pivotal values of our organization - collaboration - is represented by our community-oriented partnerships with local organizations and generous donors. We actively pursue mutually-beneficial relationships through which all parties can benefit the community, increase exposure to the disadvantages and technological barriers of the underprivileged, and contribute to a future with more opportunity for exploration, discovery, and innovation.

As a student-run organization, we work extensively with the Indian Hill school district, where we use our network to enable ambitious community-driven projects and recruit volunteers passionate about our mission. Furthermore, we are connecting with Mariemont City Schools and other Greater Cincinnati districts for similar purposes, FixNGive’s perspective on how we can give back. FixNGive is building avenues to participate in these schools’ computer recycling systems for a steady stream of education-focused technology to provide to underfunded institutions

In the past, FixNGive has partnered with organizations such as Crayons to Computers and has provided classroom tools and experiences to schools such as Taft Elementary School and Marr/Cook Elementary. Through our relationship with the Cincinnati Public Schools, we continue to connect with additional schools including Rees E. Price Academy and South Avondale School.

In the spirit of promoting the integration of technology into learning for the most rewarding experience to the user, we have also established a partnership with The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County - we intend to pool our resources to raise awareness of our organization and increase donation streams, therefore increasing our service.

Finally, we are establishing partnerships with technology-oriented companies, such as SellYourMac, through which we can combine expertise, various networks, and ideation to design activities that maximize our benefit to the Greater Cincinnati area.