What We Do

FixNGive collects tax-acknowledged technological donations, repairs them, and gifts the revitalized donations to underprivileged youth for the purpose of educational advancement. For each donation, we wipe existing data compliant to US Department of Defense and NIST standards, ensuring that our donors have nothing to worry about regarding their privacy. After the wipe, we then install the most popular Operating Systems (OS) and a series of enabling applications so that the donated units are immediately ready for use in the classroom. Additionally, we establish long-term relationships with our receiving organizations for continued feedback, support and instruction, and updates on future developments.

When we receive tools that are not repairable/suited for use in the classroom, we recycle parts and extract as much value as possible. We dispose of the material in an environmentally-friendly manner and use all salvaged resources to further our capacity of extending access to technology to Cincinnati youth by improving our inventory.